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Siqura Player Problem

I'm having trouble executing the PTZ, the image freeze when I start move and refresh when I stop.
This problem only happens using the Siqura Player, when I use the VLC player I follow the movement while I execute PTZ.

Is there any configuration to solve this problem?
Thank you
Luiz Palhares

Hello there, thank you for your post!

My first guess is that it *might* be related to the payload type during RTP streaming that changes during PTZ operation. This is documented under the Pelco API service "PositioningControl", under the PositioningControl Issues page:

Increased Video Payload
A PTZ camera's RTP streams will have an increased video payload whenever the camera moves using PTZ control; it will revert back to the original video payload value after the camera stops moving. This is a general PositioningControl SetVelocity coder issue related to low latency modes due to a design compromise.

This MIGHT be why the video stops streaming during PTZ operation. I would suggest using Wireshark to monitor the network traffic and see if this is the case, and it could be why the Siqura player fails to stream during PTZ. I do apologize; I haven't used Siqura player before, but I have used VLC a lot over the years.

If that does not help you to identify the root cause of the problem, then I would suggest that you reach out to Pelco Product Support with your inquiry. Your question does fall under the umbrella of an issue with the product itself - so the team at Product Support is better suited to help with your question.