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Pelco API on DigitalSentry

While integrating these devices I found that the camera names and IPs returned by both the DS version of the Pelco API and the “NSMRest” /devices endpoint are inconsistent with the values returned by an actual Endura system. The camera names were prefixed with the DS hostname and the IPs were listed as the IP of the DS device. I’ve worked around the issue for now but in future versions of the API services I think it would be nice to have the correct information.

Hello there!

Thank you for your feedback. When using the DS Pelco API service (which is the recommended way to do development using Pelco API or Pelco SDK with Digital Sentry) some of this behavior of what you're seeing is expected.

The DS Pelco API emulates the services of an Endura System Manager (using port 60001), a recorder / NSM (using port 60002), and the cameras on ports 60003-60010 (IP cameras are generally on ports 60009 and 60010). Cameras in this setup operate similar to a multi-channel encoder, so they all have the IP address of the Digital Sentry and various ports that the DS Pelco API service uses. This explains the behavior that you describe.

I tremendously appreciate the feedback and suggestions. Sadly, I'm sorry to say that DS Pelco API, Pelco API, and Pelco SDK, are all not undergoing active development efforts any longer. Because of this, it's very unlikely for any changes to occur with this kind of setup, since all focus for Pelco is on VideoXpert these days.