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Audio package troubles

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Winicius I am from Digifort Brazil company.

Could you help with an audio problem?

I am trying to integrate the audio output communication, Digifort will send the audio from PC to the camera, but I do not have success.

Please see the link bellow:

Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? Or resend to another contact?

Or if you have a program that I can check the packages using the Pelco web service communication, it will be very appreciated

Thank you very much for your attention.

Hello there Winicius, long time no see :). Thanks for posting on our forums; this is the main avenue for support that we want to use going forward so that others can benefit from our answers to our partners. On to your questions!

I am forced to admit that, largely, audio is seldom explored territory. It is rare that we've received any questions for audio use cases and therefore we do not have a lot of support or help to offer. One of our main audio guys did leave behind some documentation and sample code that we have published however -- which could be of tremendous help to you.

You can find this information here on PDN at this page: Audio Usage. There is even an old sample from 6+ years ago that a former member of the team wrote a while back to help partners out.

For me, one of the critical things to keep track of is input vs output services and not mixing them up. Output generally viewed as something that is generated at the camera and sent elsewhere (like a video feed - that's how I keep track of it - or incoming audio via microphone at the camera uses the camera's Output). I noticed in the capture that you sent over connections to VideoOutput and AudioOutput. That's normal for playing the video and audio that is coming from a camera.

If you're wanting to send audio from a PC to a camera (to come out of an attached speaker, perhaps), then my belief and understanding is that you'll need to utilize the AudioInput services on the camera. Hopefully this all makes sense?

Please let us know if this information is helpful to you.