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Pelco Digital Sentry Upgrade

Pelco Digital Sentry Upgrade

What is the recommended method to upgrade Pelco Digital Sentry 7.4 to latest version which appears to be 7.18 (without losing settings and recorded video)?

Would one use "" or ""? Does the previous DS 7.4 need to be uninstalled first before running the new installer? Or simply run the new installer and it will override whatever is necessary?

Thank you!

Hello there, thank you for your post.

Please reach out to Pelco's Product Support teams for questions of this nature. I can provide help when working with the SDK tools and development-centric questions on using these tools on the PDN site here, but outside of that, you should really reach out to Pelco Product Support for further help.

You can find contact information for Pelco Product Support on the Support page from (scroll down the page for region specific phone numbers and email addresses).

For reference, here are our Forum Guidelines and Forum Code of Conduct posts, that describe what I can typically try to help out with here.