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Pelco KBD-9760 Default Monitor

9760 Keyboard Default Monitor?


I'm wondering if there is any way to have the 9760 keyboard start on a default monitor, or does the user always have to select the initial monitor after login? We have written a driver to simulate the matrix and allow a keyboard to be used with our software, but can't find any way to initially get the keyboard to start on a specific monitor without the user having to choose it.


Hello there, thanks for your post.

I'm terribly sorry to say - we have no knowledge of working on integrations or development solutions using the 9760 keyboard in any way. They KBD doesn't have applications using VX SDK or the older Pelco SDK, so questions about using it haven't been something that we've supported on the development side.

My best suggestion is to reach out to Product Support. They may need to contact other parties for this kind of question too, if they don't know.


Thanks for the quick reply!