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Pelco log files in C:\ProgramData\Pelco\VxSdk\Logs

I noticed that Pelco vxsdk will creat log files & placed at C:\ProgramData\Pelco\VxSdk\Logs.
I want to know that does Pelco vxsdk perform log files housekeeping & how frequent?
If it doesn't perform housekeeping, how could I disable the logging?
This is because I do not want my C drive to be end up with limited space because of the log files.

Hi Ronnie -

I ran this past one of our Vx SDK developers to get a bit more information to share. Right now logging is something that is being worked on more for the next release of the Vx SDK. Right now the configuration for logging is extremely limited. Right now the log file size maximum is 1 MB and the total amount of space the logs can take up before being deleted is 50 MB.

Right now you cannot disable the logging or change the settings in any way. Logs will follow the above rules so they will not be generated endlessly. In the upcoming versions (around 1.2) of Vx SDK, we're looking to add the ability to configure logging options (change the directory, severity level, etc.), as well as options to disable logging.