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PELCO SDK and or aPI with VS2015

Has anybody got the SDK to function with VS2015

Has anybody managed to get the Pelco SDK to work with VS 2015. When trying to run the sample code we get errors relating to pelco.sdk .dll not found. I think the environment variables are OK according to the Getting started guide.

Hello there!

Technically the Pelco SDK isn't supported in Visual Studio 2015. Quick Start Guide documentation does indicate VS2013 is supported with the vc12 version of the SDK, and VS2010 is supported with the vc10 version of the SDK. That's our 'official' answer in case things don't work out properly....

That being said, using Pelco SDK 4.2.x I did run the ViewVideo sample in VS2015 and it executed properly. I could gather devices with the LoginForm and review the PelcoDeviceCache.db file. I could stream live video from the cameras in our lab as well. It may be because I have VS2013 and other applications installed on my PC so I'm not encountering the issue you're seeing. It may be related to environment or settings differences between our systems.

When you open the sample code project for the first time you may need to remove the reference to Pelco.SDK.dll and re-add it to the project (from the proper Debug or Release folder) then build it again. Also of particular note there is an environment variable PATH that may need to be modified in the Windows OS advanced settings. The path, by default, points to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\API\Libs\Debug'. This will depend on if you're using Release or Debug mode in Visual Studio and using the correct PATH and debug or release DLL in the project. You also need to save and then close Visual Studio, then reopen it again for some of the environment changes to take effect.

Perhaps this advice will help you out. Again the official answer is that Pelco SDK isn't supported in VS2015. If you get it working - Great!