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Pelco SDK RawFrame sample issue

Hello everyone,

I am testing Pelco SDK samples with a DS NVS system and I am experiencing an issue using RawFrame sample.

I built it and deployed in 2 different machines: the first one is the machine that hosts DS NVS server and the second one is a machine in the same network of the first one.

If I login to the system and try to stream a camera, using the first one I am able to see video in the window. Instead, using the second one, no frames come. I registered also on "StreamingEvent" and I receive the following message: "StoppedReceivingPackets".

Is this a network issue? How can I solve it? I disabled the firewall in the second machine but nothing has changed.

Thanks for the help.


Hello there, thank you for your post.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems. As you may know, Pelco SDK is pretty old now and no further updates are planned. With that in mind, I'll try to offer some suggestions, but our support of your solution may be more limited than if you were using the VideoXpert SDK with our current projects and systems.

It does sound like a network problem if the video is working on the same PC (the DS NVS server PC), but not working on the other PC that is on the same network. It may be a port issue, or a multicast / unicast issue, or something related or similar. You could use Wireshark to monitor the network interface and look for UDP packets arriving on the 2nd client PC... to see if they are arriving. Additionally, you can use Wireshark on the client PC to view the SOAP requests when using Pelco SDK in case it may be a port issue -- you can see what ports are being picked by following the TCP traffic for VideoOutput and StreamControl.

In the Pelco SDK is a Logging Executable Tool (in the logging folder). You could run that, enable all check boxes, and then restart the application and try the streaming test. Specifically the MPF.log has information about streaming (PelcoSDK.log might have some information to help also). You may see an error about no packets being received, and that would further reinforce the possibility that the video packets are not arriving to the client PC from the DS NVS server PC.

It does sound like you have the DS Pelco API service running on the DS NVS server PC, otherwise I don't think you'd get any video using your Pelco SDK-developed solution even on the same server PC. There are some troubleshooting tips and suggestions on this other older Forum post from time ago: Using RTSP Pelco API and Digital Sentry, just in case anything on that post is helpful to your troubleshooting. Checking the logs on the DS NVS may also yield some helpful information, too.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you to gather more information and troubleshooting to find out where the problem may be. If it is a network issue, there will be little that I can do to further help, other than to point it out. It has been a very long time since we've done any work with Pelco SDK, and it is no longer under further development (it's only still on our website for previously developed solutions who may need to obtain it for their old projects).

If you're still absolutely stuck, please post here again with logs and wireshark captures (with IP details of the PCs in question) from your troubleshooting and I can try to help point you in a direction to help our further.

Hello Chris,

and thank you for your precious help. I will investigate following your tips and I will let you know.

Just one question, is it possible to use videoXpert SDK to integrate DS NVS systems? I did not find information about that. If so, I can switch to the new SDK.


No problem, I hope that the information proves helpful to identify the root cause of the problem.

To answer your question; the VideoXpert SDK is only for use with VideoXpert. If it was a possibility to use the VX SDK, that would have been my #1 suggestion to move forward, that's for sure.

We did have several different video systems in the past, but the direction of our company is fully to support VideoXpert as our sole VMS going forward. Previously we had DX, Digital Sentry, and Endura. There were efforts made to attempt to have all of them use the same SDK (Pelco SDK), with some margins of success... but it really became a "square peg into a round hole" sort of problem. They were totally different systems that we were trying to force into a single API and it did not always work out well.

Going with a single VMS (VideoXpert), and a single SDK - Vx SDK - is really the best way for us to go as a sustainable route in the future. This does mean that our older VMS platforms (DX, Digital Sentry, and Endura) use an older SDK (Pelco SDK), which we haven't updated in over 2 years and have no plans to work on further, unfortunately.