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Pelco SDK RawFrame sample project not showing live streaming

Hi all

I've installed Pelco SDK in order to use the DigitalSentry and now I want to use the sample application that came with the SDK: RawFrame to see the live video streaming.

Upon launching the application and connecting to the system, I see the Raw Frame Viewer with a blank screen. After clicking on the camera that I want to see, on the camera listbox with the name "Friendly Name " I should start seeing the live streaming...

But the blank screen remains...
And putting a breakpoint on the frame callback:

public void RawFrame(Pelco.SDK.MediaFrame frame)

This is never reached... Looks like there is something missing on the configuration of Pelco.

If I execute the Pelco client, called : DS Control Point 7.17.136 I can see the live streaming working correctly.

What am I missing from the SDK sample, to make this work?

Many thanks for your help,