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Pelco SDK SampleCode ViewVideo Error

Hi I am using Pelco SDK(PelcoSDK-4.2.1-15974.vc10) sample code to view live video.

Digital Sentry v7.12

VAU Info

However when I try to connect it to Digital Sentry v7.12.156.10692, it is failed.

Connected Fails

It shown an error message, "Device is offline. Try it again".

I had enclosed PelcoSDK.log for troubleshooting.

Please advice.


To use Pelco SDK with a DS unit, it is required to install DS FrameServer and DS Pelco API services on the DS unit itself. You can download the DS Pelco API Bundle from and install the services using that. Pelco Product Support can assist with this process, if necessary.

I do want to thank you for the screenshots and log file. Including this information is very helpful to assist in troubleshooting.

If you have these services installed and are still encountering problems, please refer to some of the troubleshooting steps and information that is present in this Forum post here: DS Pelco API Troubleshooting.

If the services are installed and you try some of the steps from this other Forum post, and you're still having trouble, please post what you've tried and what you're seeing here.


Fail to connect to DS

Hi, I am doing integration with DigitalSentry 7.15 with PelcoSDK-4.2.1-15974.vc12.exe. I set up a lab DS VMS with DSPelcoAPI and DSFrameServerService running, and tested with the ViewVideo sample (within SDK package). Connection with username/password, and port 60001 is working fine. When I tried to connect to a customer's DS system with same ViewVideo application with port 60001, I got "Internal Error. Try it again!". If I change the port to be 18772, I got "Invalid Credentials. Try it again.". Both DSFrameServerService and DSPelcoAPI services are running on the DS server. And I was able to connect to the DS server using DS ControlPoint with the username and password. What could be wrong? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there!

When using Pelco SDK with DS, you must use Port 60001. Port 18772 is used for different communication, but to connect with Pelco SDK to the System Manager Service will use 60001.

If the customer's DS is not using standard default credentials (which they seldom do), then there is a process to change the DS Pelco API password so that the service will run properly. There is an article on the Knowledge Base here How to update the DS API password connected to a DS system.. While the DS Frame Server and DS Pelco API services might be running on the customer's Digital Sentry, if they are in a correct state is also a question. I strongly suggest reaching out to Pelco Product support for tips on troubleshooting this.

As a quick test, try navigating to this URL: http://[DS_ip]:60001/SystemManagerDevice.xml. If you obtain xml in a browser, then the service should be running. Other URLs to test are http://[DS_ip]:60002/Device.xml for the recorder service.

Because you are getting video when using ControlPoint, the cameras should be streaming properly, it's a setup issue with the Digital Sentry to get its API service running (properly) so that the Pelco SDK can connect to it, no doubt.

Chris, thank you very much for your quick response! Now it's clear about the ports (60001 vs. 18772), and I also believe this connection issue must be related to the DS server side API services. Thanks again for your great help!

No problem!

There was an error communicating to the device

I was trying to connect to the Pelco ip camera via SDK using C++. But the login step says it failed. I checked the returned code, which is "7", that refers to "There was an error communicating to the device" in the sdk header file. However, I can get live streams with the same ip and credentials using web browser. What could be the problem?
Thank you.

I'll assist with your question on this new Forum post here: There was an error communicating to the device.

This forum post that you've posted under is over a year old, and those posts from 2017 came on a post from 2016. We would prefer to start a new Forum topic since these others are old information.