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Pelco SDK version

Pelco SDK version information

Hi Team,

I have two PCs with different Pelco SDK versions, but I can't determine the versions.
Please advise how I can understand the exact Pelco SDK version installed on each PC? Where do you keep this information?

Thank you in advance for your support!

Hello there! Thanks for your post.

There are a couple of places that you can look to determine what version of Pelco SDK you have installed and which version you are using. I would recommend doing each one of them;

  1. In Windows OS, check your list of installed applications and look for PelcoSDK or Pelco SDK Redistributable installed application versions
  2. Navigate to the Pelco.SDK.dll file, right click and go to Properties and check the Details tab. The File Version ought to be listed there
  3. In Windows OS, navigate to Environment Variables, and check the following values: EVEREST_BIN, EVEREST_ROOT, PELCO_SDK, and look for the path string in PATH. (this is to determine what folder the DLL is to do #2 step above)

Hopefully this helps and one or more of these details will help you out.

Pelco SDK version information

Thank you!

Sure thing!

Sdk Entegrasyon

I need to integrate how I am starting to sdk

Hello yalcinsoft, thank you for your post.

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