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Pelco SM5000 script manager executes

SM script execution

: i am using SM5000. I have created list of script to be execute.but i want the script invoke by third party software. which one of the sdk should i be use?
i follow the instructions from

but i got an error for using environment using using Pelco.Endura;
it looks like Pelco.Endura is not in the ManagedSystemManagerWrapper.dll reference from your SDK.

Hello there, thank you for your question.

The system and tools that you are using is pretty old stuff. The Script Control service itself was not originally designed to be used by 3rd party and the Pelco API for anything other than Presets and Patterns. Some functionality was documented, that's true, but it has not been tested or implemented on any site or project that I am aware of -- so you're really going to be on your own to figure that behavior out.

I would strongly, strongly discourage using the Pelco SDK and the ManagedSystemManagerWrapper.dll for this sort of behavior. If all you need to do is trigger a script, using ScriptControl by itself as an API call, a TCP call, should be sufficient -- if it works to trigger the script. The Pelco SDK tools are wrappers for the Pelco API services anyway, so the SDK would be overkill for only needing to trigger a script. My best suggestion would be to work on emulating the kind of simple request using the ScriptControl service for Executing a script (again, if that works for non-Preset/Pattern behavior).