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PelcoAgg.dll Faulting Module

Pelco Agg Faulting

I've got a new installation of the Pelco api, and every time i go to add an NVR to the viewviedeo, i get appcrash. the api is installed correctly on the nvrs. I'ved turned on logging:

Starting Pelco SDK: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\API\SampleCode\DotNet\ViewVideo\VS2013\Debug\
2016-11-28T20:29:12 [INFO] 3060/4032 DeviceDB.cpp, 486: Connecting to cache database: C:\ProgramData\Pelco\SDK\PelcoDeviceCache.db
2016-11-28T20:29:12 [VERBOSE] 3060/4032 EventProcessor.cpp, 76: EventProcessor constructor system: 0
2016-11-28T20:29:12 [INFO] 3060/4032 DeviceDB.cpp, 1232: 0 devices loaded from database
2016-11-28T20:29:12 [INFO] 3060/4032 ExternalSystemProviderCollection.cpp, 140: Loading provider C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\API\SampleCode\DotNet\ViewVideo\VS2013\Debug\Providers\PelcoAgg.dll
2016-11-28T20:29:32 [INFO] 3060/4032 SystemCache.cpp, 272: Creating provider My System
2016-11-28T20:29:32 [VERBOSE] 3060/4032 EnduraDeviceCollector.cpp, 101: Constructing EnduraDeviceCollector 34
2016-11-28T20:29:46 [ERROR] 3060/4032 SerenityProviderCommon.cpp, 85: Initialize Serenity Provider failed: WebbyException thrown from [..\Source\ClientSideResponse.cpp:174]: "Failed to read data from socket->"

Please help.


and if i remember right, i should be able to web browse to the SystemManagerDevice.xml after the API is installed correct?

i figured it out

Lee needs to see previous post of his own.

got same issue


I have been working on integration with Pelco DigitalSentry for a while and everything was working, but suddenly I got my application crash add saw the following. This is the same as posted here, wondering what could be the reason for this PelcoAgg.dll to cause crash?

Faulting module name: PelcoAgg.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5682fd7e

Thanks for your post here.

Could you describe the behavior that is occurring within your application that is using Pelco SDk when this crash occurs, please? I suspect it is something that happens during device collection. Some tips to help you troubleshoot this:

  1. Delete / rename the PelcoDeviceCache.db from C:\ProgramData\Pelco\SDK and try to perform a new device collection. The theory is that perhaps the device cache data is bad and the crashing module has a problem parsing it.
  2. Check the names and values of your devices that are on your Digital Sentry. Often this module crashing is the result of data values that the SDK can't parse, it is either formatted differently in a way that cannot be parsed or the data values are simply incorrect (or even empty). You can check the XML data for the Digital Sentry DS Pelco API by following some instructions on the URLs on this post here: Issue when Trying to Connect iDVR system Digital Sentry using SDK

If you're still stuck after trying these items, then we'll shift to Q&A troubleshooting: what changed between the "it was working" to the "it was not working" state? Was a new version of DS / DS Pelco API installed? Was a new device added or removed from the system? <-- this is the most likely potential item that might have caused the problem.

Please let us know if we can further help out, if you are still stuck after working on these suggestions and questions.