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Pelco.SDK.Camera.OnlineEvent not work under edge system

Pelco SDK 4.2.1
camera under edge system

after config the specified window area to the specified camera
I want :
1. when the camera is ready, auto play it
2. when the camera is lost, clear the video area

if Camera.OnlineEvent, Stream.StreamingEvent can help in this case.
if it can not help, how can I fufill my want.

As with my other reply to the other post, I'm sorry to say that the Pelco SDK is no longer under active development or support. I strongly encourage you to use an alternate route, like ONVIF and a rendering option of your choice.

Any behaviors, qualities, or issues that you encounter when using Pelco SDK will be entirely up to you to manage or work around. No further work is planned. The only reason that it still exists on the website here is for backwards compatibility for older solutions developed several years ago (using Endura or DS Pelco systems).