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Play stream failed

I'm using the latest PelcoSDK with DSSRV. I had updated the DSSRV and was trying to get a streaming from some cameras. Even if I could connect to DVR and get cameras via SDK but it failed to play the live streaming. The below error message was raised as an exception. I had same problem with PelcoSDK Featyre Tester and given sample application as well.
Error message is..
"Play stream failed: [PelcoOutputService::_CheckSoapParse]: Soap fault detected: String: VideoOutput - Connect Failed - Exceeded session limit Code: s:Server"
I'm not sure that I must install another component to DVR to resolve this issue. It is definitely a problem with DSSRV because when I tried it in Partner Integration Lab, it had no problem at all.

Does anyone have any clue about this issue?
If someone had experienced with similar problem, please share your experience.

Hello, I am also looking to playback streams like this but don't know exactly where to start. If you can reach me at I would appreciate it.


has anyone figured this out, is it a problem with the NVR connections i'm getting the same Exceeded the session limit from the DVR/NVR

Hello there -

Sorry this wasn't answered in the past; we weren't actively monitoring the forums in 2015 but instead had them for developer to developer assistance.

This error scenario is, sadly, a session problem on the DS side of things. Firstly I would recommend to be sure you are using the most updated Digital Sentry Software and specifically the most recent DS Pelco API service installed and running properly. If you aren't sure if it is running properly or you encounter issues with other API calls to the DS, I would suggest you reach out to Pelco Product Support.

A general suggestion would be to disconnect a stream any time you are finished with it - if possible. Naturally if something disconnects mid-stream that might not be possible, There is a finite limit to the number of streams the DS can dish out, a limit that is not currently documented that I know of. The SDK in this case is relaying the error message that the DS is serving up.

The streams should eventually time out, so I suspect that this is a problem that may occur, but should go away after a time when a stream times out.

I've been asked to move this here, but i really needs Answers not movning around.

Soap Fault Detected

I'm getting this error from the SDK, what does this mean I really need an answer as soon as posible.

Create stream Error 1 : Play stream failed: [PelcoOutputService::_CheckSoapParse]: Soap fault detected: String: VideoOutput - Connect Failed - Exceeded session limit Code: s:Server

So thinking about this how many streams can be pulled off of a digital sentry box?

Sadly, since the limit on the number of streams isn't documented, we don't know how many the limit is.

My best suggestion that I can offer is to reach out to Pelco Product Support for troubleshooting on the Digital Sentry side of the setup. This error is the result of a stream request made by the SDK, where the response from the DS is this error message. The Digital Sentry is refusing to give streams, and in order to properly find out why, Pelco Product Support should be the team to contact. It may be a setup issue with the Digital Sentry and/or the DS services like DS FrameServer and DS Pelco API. Or it may be something that needs further investigation by the Digital Sentry team in order to identify precisely why this is happening when streams are requested.

Pelco Product Support can be reached at 1-800-289-9100 or by email at PelcoTechSupport AT