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Playback return live video

Good morning
I need to see the live and recorded rtsp stream from an already pre-installed Endura system.
I did some tests with vlc but I have a strange problem with the registered. If I apply the search query in the format specified here,
I always get the live stream. If instead the parameters are wrong, for example with dates in the future, I get an error that is not a problem of this type.
Could it be an RTSP server installation / configuration problem on the NVR5200?
How can you go back and modify the current configuration if necessary?

Thank you for your post.

I'm sorry to say; support for developments that involved Endura Video systems is going to be very, very limited. We are nearing the end of life for the product, and all ongoing and future development and support that is planned (from a software development and integration standpoint) is entirely focused on VideoXpert.

We did have a Pelco SDK that was designed for use with Endura, and it was a wrapper for Pelco API Web Services on Endura devices. Use of this Pelco SDK (not the VX SDK) is no longer supported. I'll try to assist with your questions, however you may need to reach out to Pelco's Product Support for the software installation on your network storage recorder.

You may have noticed that the page you linked in your post does have a warning across the top of the page: "RTSP Server has been deprecated. Pelco does not recommend using it for integration projects or products." RTSP server did use to be a stand-alone piece of software that needed to be manually installed on recording devices so that you could attempt to use the URLs as described.

I believe, and I could be wrong, that later software versions of NSM / NVR hardware in Endura started to have this functionality built in. It might be worth contacting our Product Support team to verify and check. The URL formats are possibly different.

To answer your questions: Yes, it is possible that the installation or configuration of whatever RTSP Server software is on the recorder is faulty or not working properly. It may be possible to modify the installation, or it may need to be removed and reinstalled manually. For complete answers on these questions, you may need to reach out to Support.

I'm sorry for being repetitive, but I would strongly recommend going that route to see if any further assistance can be obtained.

Playback in monitor cell?

In VideoXpert, how would you be able to playback recorded video to a monitor cell between a start time and an end time, potentially looping? Can this be done using clips or is there another class that is able to be used on a monitor cell?