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Playback video, change speed.

Playback video, change speed.

I'm testing VideoExpert Pro and SDK 2. This time I am impressed, been working with Endura and all the SDK provided for this system since 2009, and there has been a lot of strange problems, so I am glad that something new has arrived. The C# examples provided really covers almost I need. But I have some issues. The app I am rebuilding from the Endura SDK edition has a speed changer functionality. Almost like the one in the demo examples.
Our nurses here at the hospital searches a lot in recorded videos, changing direction and speed up and down when review the 8-10 hours of patient videos.
But when I test this feature I get an error when testing speed up and down and direction +/- for 2-4 times. The stream stops, and I have to restart the project to get a new playback up and running. Can You reproduce this in Your lab. There is no output what is going wrong.

Greetings from Denmark

Hello , thanks for your question!

What version of the VX SDK are you using specifically? You mentioned "SDK 2" but that isn't quite 100% clear to us which version that is. The sample code that is available does have speed control available - what happens if you try using that?

Is it possible you are hitting gaps in recording or anything like that? We haven't had any speed variation problems that we've seen for quite some time (that's why I'm curious about what version you are using specifically).

Any additional information about error messages, or more description about the behavior that you are seeing step by step would be helpful. Also, Wireshark might be a good indication as to what is happening with the video traffic to the client end as another troubleshooting tool. Perhaps that could give some additional information about what is happening.

Sorry, the code is downloadet from github last friday 1 sep. 2017.
The SDK is VideoXpert SDK 2.0 for VS2015 65.6 MB

No, I am not hitting any gaps, it is not long time test I am performing. Just some minutes in a recording about 48 hours long.

Thanks for your reply.

You've answered some of my questions related to VX SDK version, samples, and gaps -- thank you for those!

Some questions still remain: what happens when you try to use the VX SDK Samples to perform this behavior? In your original post, you indicate that you get/see an error -- any further insight as to what the error is?

Finally, one more new question: can you describe step by step the behavior when you use the sample that isn't working?