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PTZ API examples in C++

API samples in C++

Hi Team,

Please advise can you provide the API samples?
I am interested in the PTZ API sample (see attached screenshot from

If you have also the other API samples in C++ - this will be perfect.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!

Plamen Velikov

Hello there, thank you for your post.

What Pelco hardware are you writing development to code to work with? I presume it is cameras, please let me know if that is not the case.

If it is Pelco cameras, then I would STRONGLY encourage you to instead use ONVIF. Our cameras have been working on ONVIF implementation and functionality, and that is where updates will continue to be made. Pelco API is very, very old and has not had updates in a very long time. The samples on the page that you've linked were made over 5 years ago, and also haven't been updated since then. Those are the only samples that we have available for working with those older tools. You can use them as a reference and examples, but I would really discourage you from writing code development using Pelco API or Pelco SDK (which also has not had updates in development for about 2 years).

If you're writing code to work with Pelco cameras, then ONVIF is our recommendation. I hope that helps you out!

PTZ API example in C++


Actually I am rewriting old C# code to C++ and the API has been used in the C# version.
The good side for the API PTZ example is that it just works and no need to investigate what happens and how it works. If I have to use ONVIF - I should spend a lot of time learning the ONVIF libraries and this was the reason to ask for C++ API version.

I found a simple C# to C++ converter and will try to convert these four .cs files to their C++ versions and will check if it will work. If no - I will check the ONVIF or the latest Pelco SDK (I am familiar with it)

Hi there, thanks for the follow up.

I'm glad to hear that the C# sample works well after so much time. Unfortunately those samples on the page there are all that is available today. Hopefully you have luck with the conversion, as you mentioned.

Since you're working on converting a past project, I do understand the request and desire to continue to use the older Pelco API services... new development efforts today we do recommend starting with ONVIF now, since it's an open standard. It is easier to maintain going forward into the future.