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Raw Frame from VideoXpert problems

Used to work

Using SDK 4.2.1 connected to VideoXpert 1.11 (your integration lab) I'm no longer getting raw frames from any camera. I'm seeing this in my code, and see the same symptom running the RawFrame sample in the SDK. The code successfully connects to the camera, acquires the stream from the camera, registers an event handler for DecodedMediaFrames, and executes stream.Play(Constants.Forward1x) with no errors. But I never see the frame event being fired.


Hi Alan -

I'm sorry we weren't successful in resolving this at your location. The lab does appear to work over VPN to stream from a few different partners. I think it is ideal to continue to work on seeing if a VX system can be set up for your own testing there, especially since in the coming months our lab will be moving anyway.