Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Recorded video playback

We have a NSM5200 server that we're using to store recorded videos of those cameras.

We need to allow our web portal users to be able to see recorded videos on the browser and for that matter we've been exploring the Pelco API to get a recorded video streamed to the browser.

After some time we came across to the Video Output web service in the Pelco API: and we've been able to succesfully generate a stream from NSM by invoking the "connect" method ( previously authenticating with user&role WS ) and managing the stream with the "stream control" WS.

We've been able to confirm that a RTP stream is sent to the URL that we added as a parameter to the "connect" operation because we've been able to see the UDP traffic on the network.

The thing is that we need this stream to be shown in a web application and the fact that this is RTP and UDP based ( dynamic ) and that the server pushes the stream of frames directly to an IP that makes it almost unusable in a browser without a native plugin. We are aiming to have this stream in the browser using HTML5 exclusively in order to support as many devices as possible.

The questions are:

- Is RTP the only transport mechanism for that stream?

we used the transportURL attribute on the connect method to include an url like "rtp://ip_address:port" and that works but ... Are there other possibilities for the transport protocol other than RTP?

- Is there any way for us to get an HTTP stream of the recorded video from the browser?

- In your experience, is it possible to have this recorded video in a browser?