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Registering problem of PelcoMediaControl.ocx with regasm

When we want to register PelcoMediaControl.ocx with regasm, it gives an error (Failed to load PelcoMediaControl.ocx, it is no a valid .NET assembly) as in the attached file.


Hello there!

I edited your post to display the screenshot (after choosing the Upload option, you have to use the option to Insert the image to the body of your post or we can't see it). The last release of Pelco SDK did not use .NET 4.7 ... but 4.5.1. Please check the SDK Documentation, and specifically the Quick Start Guide that indicates what version of .NET you need to have installed and available when using Pelco SDK. That would be our first guess based on what the screenshot shows.

Alternatively perhaps you might try regsvr32 instead of regasm. Admittedly I've done nearly very little support and had very few questions about the use of the OCX over the years.

I must point out that Pelco SDK has not been updated in quite a long while (approaching 2 years now), and is no longer under active development. There are no further updates planned, and VX SDK is what we are suggesting going forward with VideoXpert at this time. I would strongly discourage you from using older Pelco SDK tools for any new development efforts, and our ability to support those tools will be minimal.