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Reinstall whole server or what.

My TEST server do not have the production licenses installed, so it expires when trial period is passed. When I have to upgrade the VX server with latest version, the system is expired. I delete everything, where there is a trace of pelco, including ProgramData. Nothing works. After installing the new version for develop, the server software is expired on first run.

Do I really have to reinstall the whole windows server from scratch, to get a new trial period. It takes time.....

Greetings from Denmark.

Hello there, thank you for your post.

Deleting the leftover files from ProgramData should do the trick to remove any leftover data that is cached and remembered when VX is reinstalled again. Starting over should work -- you should definitely not need to reinstall windows server from scratch.

Is this still a problem for you? I ask because your other post here: vxsdk licensing grace period, seems to indicate that you do now have a licensed server that is in the grace period, until November 2019.

I develop aginst my test server, can't upgrade the production server, then the apps dies as I wrote. We are a 24h hospital, so I have to do it all in test environment, the new way to do stuff in SDK is a bit different now, so I have a lot of rewriting code.

My licensed server (we bought licences) is a older version of VideoXpert Pprof. As I understand it, the grace period is not there when the production server is upgrated to version 3.5, because of the paid license, or is it something you pelco guys administrates in some kind of Pelco cloud ?


There shouldn't be a lot of code to rewrite, but admittedly that depends on the last time you updated your application that was using the VX SDK. As for using the license string with the VX SDK, it's really adding the specific license string to your system login code. That alone isn't much of a change, or at least shouldn't be, but again it depends on how long ago you last updated your application with the VX SDK version.

If your existing license remains, even when you are uninstalling and then re-installing, then all of the existing data from your installation is not being removed or deleted. In order to "reset" the system, it must must be fully deleted - Program Files, ProgramData files, everything that existed from the previous VideoXpert install. If you reinstall and still have a licensed system in any way, then something was left behind; you should also need to re-license your VideoXpert system if a full delete was correctly performed ... and that should also reset the 90 day trial for VX SDK use as well.

I would really recommend that you reach out to contacts in Sales and Support to discuss the system and setup with them further. Those teams should be able to provide you the assistance that you need to give you licensing for using the VX SDK (they will reach out to the department that handles the setting up and distribution of license string keys) -- I would further reinforce this point if you have a paid license system, because you probably do not want to completely delete and reinstall it completely and also have to re-license the system, too. That is what would be necessary if you want to attempt to reset the 90 days for the grace period temporary VX SDK functionality.