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replacement of pelco old system

i had to replace a CCTV room with pelco CM9760 DMR 02nos ,CM9760 KDB 4 keyboards, CM9700 CC1 01no ,CM9760MXB ,CM9760-cxta 02nos for 23 PTZ cameras and PTZ cameras operates from one coaxial cable each PTZ camera has a receiver .
After i replace these units its not work properly as previous.Some monitors not shows some cameras from CM9760 MXB (cameras are working )
I think some wires which i inter connected through these devices are wrong could anyone tell me which setup i can connect
if need dip switch setup also can be provided .

Hello there, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, the forums here on the Developer Network is not the best place for your question. These forums are for software developers that are using the tools documented on our website to write software code and who have questions about that. Hardware issues, configurations, or setups are outside what I can help you with or answer. You will want to reach out and contact our Product Support teams using the phone numbers or email addresses at this page: Support List.

I'm sorry that I can't help you with your question: please refer to the Forums Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines for some background on what we can help with here.