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Retrieving Digital Sentry Device Configuration

Retrieving Digital Sentry Device Configuration

Using Pelco API (not Pelco SDK), how can I retrieve a camera configuration information such as video compression (codec), video resolution, frame rate, quality and stream number? (the camera is in a Digital Sentry system).

I only see partial information in VideoPair CameraConfiguration (http://ip/control/CameraConfiguration-1) and StreamConfiguration (http://ip/control/StreamConfiguration-1) is not exposed through Digital Sentry. However, DS ControlPoint seems to get this info somehow.

Please see attached screen of info I'm after which was retrieved using DS ControlPoint v7.18.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for your post.

Based on recent information that I dug up trying to find information about ScriptControl and Query recently, I did discover that StreamConfiguration does NOT appear to be supported with the DS Pelco API service. Configuration of camera streams appears that it must be done via ControlPoint.

If you use the XML information from our other post to check the services, and you don't see Stream Configuration showing up, then this reinforces what we seem to be finding: that it isn't supported when using DS Pelco API.

You're 100% correct that Control Point can get that information. That is because the Digital Sentry native API is something completely different from Pelco API (originally it was Integral). A translation layer was designed and written in order to attempt to have our different VMS platforms all have Pelco API options. With the introduction of VideoXpert as our sole VMS platform going forward, further efforts developments to continue updating or adding features to this option have stopped a few years ago now.