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RTSP Stream From VideoXpert


I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I am wondering if it is possible to pull stream using RTSP from VideoXpert systems. The reason I'm asking is because I am required to display streaming from a camera in 4 panel box as shown in attached - sample1 image. I had tried pulling RTSP stream from an Optera IMM12036 but it gave me a stream in vertical as shown in attached - sample2 image which makes me wonder if I can pull a sample1-like stream from VideoXpert. Please advice if this is anyway possible.

Thank you and I appreciate all you help.

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I've edited your post to include the attachments. It's necessary to Choose File, Upload, and then use the link for the uploaded picture and the Insert/Edit Image option to embed the picture to your post.

You can ask the question here, or of product support. I always try to help the best that I can, if I can. If I can't or don't know, then I'll recommend a route to try and help.

Our cameras typically have an RTSP stream natively - so it isn't necessary to obtain the RTSP via VideoXpert. You could do so by using the VX SDK to obtain an RTSP stream - this route does involve an RTSP redirect, to warn you, that the MediaController handles in our Samples using GStreamer. It isn't quite straightforward and simple as using the RTSP stream, but it is possible.

Based on the requirements from your post, here is what I would recommend:
- Set the Optera 360 camera to "Tiled" mode (login to the camera's web GUI, it is under Settings) This will provide you with 4 RTSP streams on the Optera 360: front, right, back, and left. It is similar to pictures found on this page on Optera Multi-Sensor.
- Pull each of the 4 RTSP streams in the layout of your choice.

You can use ONVIF device manager to further obtain the exact string names for the RTSP streams also and see what they would look like.

Alternatively if you wanted to show the video all stitched and dewarped in a single panoramic, you could make use of the Panomersive Toolkit, which we provide on PDN here. That does require some development work and is a bit more complex than simply pulling RTSP streams from the camera.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. As per your suggestion, I tried setting the Optera Camera to 'Tiled' mode and then using ONVIF device manager to obtain the RTSP Stream name and pull the relevants streams from the camera( 3 streams , each showing a 120 ° degrees view ). Using those streams, I've managed to place the cameras horizontal as shown in sample3.png, which results to a panomeric view which is good enough for my client. Thank you very much for your help Chris.

PS: I have to ask though, is it possible to pull from the camera sample3.png format stream instead of having to pull individual stream and manually place the stream in a multiple videos horizontally?


Thanks and Best Regards

Great! I'm glad to hear that things are working well for the client.

For your last question, it is possible to pull a single stream from the Optera camera, sure. However it is not dewarped and you must dewarp it. An example of a dewarped stream can be seen if you use VideoXpert and Vx Ops Center with an Optera camera that is set to Panomersive H264 or Panomersive Unistream mode - you can then pan and tilt around the fully stitched stream. This is because Ops Center does the dewarping of the Optera video. You can see examples of what this looks like on this page from Optera Multi-Sensor Panoramic IP Cameras (look down on the page for the Panomersive mode on the left).

Originally this was how Optera was designed; with fully stitched video from all sensors. It did require 3rd parties to then dewarp the stream in order to ideally display it on video. Otherwise you end up with mosaic views like what the Web GUI looks like when the camera is set to Panomersive H264 or Unistream mode (almost like a bent 2x2 format) We added Tiled mode later.

I hope this information is helpful!