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SDK 4.2.1 C++ sample code throws exception when subsribling physical event to IBP222-1R

I am testing SDK 4.2.1 event sample code. Sarix Pro2 IBP222-1R is used. I want to test physical alarm contact. When I am trying to subscrib to camera, the c++ event sample code says "Not supported by this system: Online". Please see attached snapshot. It seems subscribing is failed. C# sample code will run normally. Is there any suggestion about this?

Hello there -

Unfortunately the attached screenshot did not come though. The attachment system on the forums is a little tricky, you have to use the "Upload" option at the bottom of the comment section, and then using that you can use the "insert image" functionality of the comment toolbar.

Based only and entirely on the comments you've made here, it sounds like something that you will need to reach out to Product Support for help with. If the camera does not support subscription to the Alarm Array Configuration service, that may explain the results you are seeing. If it is an issue with the camera and product itself, Product Support is your primary contact for support and help, and they can, in turn, interface with the camera engineering team.

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Same camera, C# sample code will subscribe and receive event normally. But C++ sample code is failed to subscribe event. And SDK V3.0 will work normally. So could you help to verify if there is something wrong with C++ sample code? The captures have been uploaded to

Hi there -

Are you still using SDK version 3.0? I would very strongly encourage you to update to current versions, at least to the later versions of SDK 3.x. SDK 4.x and forward is not backwards compatible and older SDK modules like Event Arbiter and Event Manager have been deprecated.

Functionality-wise, what the SDK does is use GENA protocol to SUBSCRIBE to a service on a device to receive event NOTIFY messages when an event is triggered. It is not required to use the SDK to do this subscription and event notification architecture; we have partners who use their own implementations successfully. You may use Wireshark to monitor network traffic for these SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY messages (and others that are part of the architecture like later SUBSCRIBE requests to renew the subscription and keep it going, and UNSUBSCRIBE to stop receiving messages). Please see our forum guidelines here for some tips on what we are looking for to help out: Forum Guidelines.

Unfortunately I also cannot access the link to see your screenshots. What do the SDK logs say? There may be differences between the two samples - if you are using those old samples from nearly 2+ years ago then you may need to troubleshoot the precise reason yourself with whatever guidelines I can give you above or to help out.