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SDK and Encoder issue

I'm putting this here but it might not be the appropriate place:

System Setup, 7.14.133 DS control point, Pelco SDK 4.2.1-15974.

I have 16 port encoder hooked to the DS box, and port 1 and 2 have analog cameras hooked to them. I can get the sdk to connect download the cameras available but when i select any of the ports i do not get the video stream from the DS box through the SDK. I do not get an error say that it can not get the video feed. is there another version of the SDK that has this ability?

Hello there -

Is this still a problem today?

For anyone else who encounters this sort of streaming issue, using Pelco SDK Logging.exe (installed in the 'Logging' folder when you install Pelco SDK), is a helpful tool for troubleshooting streaming issues. Enable all the checkboxes when you run the exe, especially MPF. The MPF.log file that is generated will contain information about the streaming attempts. Using that, you can see if the IP addresses are correct and the requests and stream types are correct. It is also possible to detect timeouts, or if video packets are not reaching the client PC from the video source. Wireshark can also be a helpful tool in determining if these packets are arriving to the destination as well.

Finally, there is a known issue with Pelco SDK where streaming from an ENC54xx on DS will not stream when using D1 resolution in current releases of Pelco SDK. 2CIF and CIF resolution on the encoder, configured using DS Admin, will stream with Pelco SDK just fine. D1 is the only resolution that has problems with Pelco SDK releases 4.2.1 and previous. This is being investigated and hopefully, eventually, we will release an update to Pelco SDK with a fix for this specific issue for this specific encoder. This does not appear to be a problem with ENC55xx encoders on DS when tested.

all problems have been cleared up, thanks for all the help.

Great, glad to hear it's all resolved and working properly now. You're welcome!