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Set/Clear Text in Spectra and Sarix

I saw Pelco API meta data has Set and Clear text using WebService, is both still working in latest generation of Sarix/Spectra Enhanced cameras?

Hello, thanks for your post!

Sadly it looks like the answer is "No" - these actions are not supported on these cameras. We have a Fixed Enhanced camera and a PTZ Spectra Enhanced in the Partner Integration lab. The PTZ Spectra Enhanced is not running the MetaData service, and the Fixed sarix Enhanced SetText or Clear Text methods (when I tried using the WSDL in Soap UI to trigger the actions), did not have any change on the screen.

Furthermore I tested with some of our Sarix Pro models and our Spectra Pro in the lab. These cameras did have the MetaData service running, however trying to use SetText resulted in a response of "Operation not supported".

I have updated the Pelco API Web Service Matrix table at this page: Pelco API Web Services on Pelco Products for many of the cameras to indicate that Metadata is not a supported service. While some might have the service running, the SetText and ClearText requests do not change the on screen display from my testing.

Please feel free to test for yourself if need be with these cameras models as well to confirm what I've seen. Please let me know if you see anything differently.


Thank you very much for the explanation, Chris.

I think OSD control is supported by Onvif, I'm not sure whether all Pelco camera is supported or not?

If you have sample application written in C#, do share with me rather I write from scratch.


Certainly, happy to help out as best I can.

Regarding the OSD and ONVIF; I'm not certain. At best we have some documentation here Comparison Pelco API and ONVIF API. It does not list anything for the OSD there. You could try reaching out to Pelco Product Support to see if they have other information about this topic, but I'm uncertain if they will have any additioinal information about it (they might refer you back here to PDN, honestly).

We do not have any samples related to this. We have some (admittedly very old and possibly very outdated) samples related to using API services here: Pelco API and SDK Code Samples. These samples are provided "as is" with little support available since the team that wrote many of these are no longer with Pelco. They are for demonstration purposes to help provide whatever insight they can to developers who might be stuck otherwise.