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Simulate Analytics Events

Simulate analytics Events

I am developing a driver to subscribe and get analytic video events from Sarix Cameras (using Restful API).
However, I am getting frustrated debugging my software bt "waving" in from of the camera to get events in order to test my code.
Si this is the question: Is there a way to get into the Camera and "simulate" events manually, instead of moving things in front of the camera?
Please advise.
Thank you,

Hello there, thanks for your post!

The answer to your question, sadly, is that there isn't a way to programmatically trigger the event. We often will face a camera towards a clock, a screensaver on a monitor, maybe a monitor or TV showing a movie or scene, or some other scene that has some activity. Even some office device that will have movement over time.

Sorry that I didn't have a better answer to your question to help out.