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Slow exporting video at Sample Code (ExportVideo)

Hi I am using Pelco SDK(PelcoSDK-4.2.1-15974.vc10) , Digital Sentry v7.12.156.10692 and DS Pelco API Bundle v7.12.

When I use the export video sample code from Pelco SDK to export one minute video,
the PercentComplete of the exporting remain in the 0% for few minute.
The exporting is taking too long.

However, when I am using DS ControlPoint to export a same video, it just take less than 10 seconds .

Please advice.



Does the export ever complete?

I strongly suspect that it could be related to the DS version you're using. Are you able to update to DS 7.14 (a more current version anyway)?

If not, you will probably be stuck with the behavior you are seeing, unfortunately. I'd really recommend that you give an updated version of DS a try.

The export is able to complete.

Also I already install the DS 7.14 and DS Pelco API Bundle 7.14.

However the behavior still the same.

The exporting still taking long time.

I am using the export video sample code to export one minute video.

Please advice.


I did some testing over the course of an hour today in order to investigate this further. I did notice that attempting to export from DS had some challenges at various times, while exporting from an Endura system did not have these issues. In both cases the system needed to be properly set up with recorded video set up and working, naturally (I include this as a bullet point for others to review in the future when attempting to export - make sure it's working from the VMS side first).

With Endura the export was faster than with DS. With DS, sometimes the SDK would sit on "exporting" for a very long time and never appear to finish. In other cases it would take approximately 1 minute to export 1 minute of video. In this second case I expect that is adequate (not as fast as Control Point, but it does work). In other cases attempting to export video that is too close to 'live' I believe contributes to the problem cases where the SDK stays in an export state without returning.

Another route you could investigate is writing code to perform this export manually on your own by communicating to the Pelco API services on a Digital Sentry that are running when DS Pelco API is is installed. The Pelco SDK does work from Endura, and in many cases with DS then I suspect that the problem may reside with the DS Pelco API service itself.

Unfortunately both Pelco SDK and DS Pelco API are, as mentioned, no longer under active development. You could write your own driver for the export using Pelco API and communicating with Pelco API service on the DS, however I am concerned that you may have some similar issues. Because of your 2nd question, however, this might be the (very complicated) route to take. Any challenges or issues with DS Pelco API functionality should be reported to Pelco Product Support so that they can report them to engineering. It is not likely that development or changes will occur with DS Pelco API, however it can still be reported.