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Soap Fault Detected

I'm getting this error from the SDK, what does this mean I really need an answer as soon as posible.

Create stream Error 1 : Play stream failed: [PelcoOutputService::_CheckSoapParse]: Soap fault detected: String: VideoOutput - Connect Failed - Exceeded session limit Code: s:Server

Hello there -

The recommendation that we posted for this issue was listed on another forum topic here: Play Stream Failed. If you have any new information to add beyond the error message and in addition to our suggestions that we've posted, we can proceed with troubleshooting form there. Beyond additional information or reaching out to Pelco Product Support for DS-related specific assistance, we'll need more information in order to further assist.

My presumption is that this error occurs when you attempt to start a stream from Digital Sentry using the DS Pelco API service and Pelco SDK. Pelco SDK receives this error message from the DS and relays it to the consumer of the SDK. Thus, the error is coming from the Digital Sentry.

There is logging that can be obtained on the Digital Sentry using the DS pelco API. to do so you will need to edit a file and restart the DS Pelco API services. Navigate to the following directory: "C:\Users\DSNVSUser\AppData\Local\Pelco\DSPelcoAPI" and edit PelcoAPISettings.xml. This is the default location; if you have installed the DS Pelco API service to a different user account or are running it on a different user account, you'll need to locate this directory and file for your specific install. Edit the parameter and set it to "1", then restart the DS Pelco API and DS FrameServer services.

You should obtain a log that will be generated in the same directory once this has been done. It may be helpful in troubleshooting this issue further as well.