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Some users have incorrect or insufficient permissions. What permissions can be assigned to a Role in Endura Workstation?

The Administrator role provides access to the following features and functions:

  • Control lens and camera positioning; access camera menus; run scripts; respond to alarms; and manually record, view and select cameras
  • Search and play back video and audio; lock and unlock video; export video and audio; add, modify, and delete scripts; view all setup
  • information; and search, print, and export logs
  • Configure system settings, devices, roles, users, schedules, and update software

For more information, see Managing Roles, and Managing Users chapters of Advanced System Management Software configuration manual C3691M-C (2/13).

I have a similar case

I cannot log into the VMS with username: admin, password: admin, port 60001 .
I download the export Video App (C#) and i cant log in.
Where can I find what are correct credentials?
or is there any way to change the credentials?


admin/admin is the default credentials for an Endura System Manager. Since you're using port 60001 I presume you're connecting to an Endura system (or a DS Pelco API-enabled Digital Sentry). If you're trying to connect to our VideoXpert system, the credentials are admin/admin123.

The information for credentials when using our Partner lab can be found on this page:

If you're not working with our lab, then the credentials will depend on how the system you're connecting to has been set up. If you need help with the system, I suggest contacting our Product Support team. Help with Pelco VMS setup and devices is outside the scope of this forum and we have a support team to assist with that.

Finally on your question about changing the credentials; this is not possible using the Pelco SDK itself. It isn't something that we support doing using Pelco SDK or Pelco API. It can be done using the VMS, however.

SDK for SM5200

Dear Chris ,
Thanks a lot for your answer. Actually I thınk I am using wrong SDK .
I was usıng Endura Express wıth 4.21 SDK and ıt works fıne .
However when thıs app ıs mıgrated to another place where (System manager wasn,t known to me) , ıt threw errors about credentıals .
I found the System manager used there is SM5200, And ı found ın your documentatıon there ıs no support for exportıng connectıng etc for sm5200 sdk.

Can you please tell me whıch sdk versıon May I use to exploit the functıons of the SM5200.?

I will be very thankful.


Pelco SDK v 4.2.1 can be used with SM5200, no problems there. Exporting is not done via SM but via the recorder (like the NSM5200), if that is what your question is about. Interestingly, the Endura Express EE500 is not supported in more current versions of Pelco SDK since we have not had a unit available to test with in quite a while - it's not listed as supported in our PDF documentation here:

If there is an error about credentials then it is very likely an issue with permissions or logins to the Endura SM5200. The same credentials that work for Endura Workstation software with an SM5200 should with Pelco SDK as well. We do have an SM5200 in our partner lab that you can connect to and test, if necessary.