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Starting RTSP from 3rd party VMS ( Flir - Latitude )

Trying to make Flir PTZ's work using Pelco Encoders ( NET55xx ) on their VMS

Message from Flir team.

Please see attached Wireshark captures of our VMS (Latitude) failing to start RTSP stream from the encoder, compared to a successful attempt by VLC Player.
I am also attaching the log taken from the webpage of the encoder, in case it contains useful information for you.
Perhaps your R&D can look at it and advise if anything needs to be modified in the way the VMS attempts to start the stream.

How can we post the attachements to this entry. There is a warning message.
" The selected file VLC_Wireshark.pcapng cannot be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: jpg, png, gif, c, cpp, txt, pdf "

Hi there, thanks for posting.

Since this doesn't deal with using the VideoXpert SDK with VideoXpert to develop a solution (which is our focus for these forums), your best route is to reach out with and communicate with our Product Support teams. They, in turn, can reach out to the product engineering teams for these encoders to inquire for further help.

On an additional note, sadly our forums do only support attachments of .jpg. png, c, cpp, txt, or pdf files. Other kinds of files would need to be uploaded to another file sharing source and a link provided to download them. For further information on attaching items to posts, please see Post Attachments.