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System Manager and Digitla Sentry?

Does the system manager not work with the Digital Sentry models? We have written the SDK as follows for testing login but it does not seem to want to connect?


var loginId = -1;
using (PelcoAPI.SystemManagerWrapperNet sysManager = new PelcoAPI.SystemManagerWrapperNet())
sysManager.SetSMAddress(hostOrIp, port);
loginId = sysManager.UserLogin(userName, password);

if (loginId >= 1)
return ResultCode.ResultCode_Success;
return ResultCode.ResultCode_Failure;

Digital Sentry does work with the Pelco SDK. Are you receiving any specific error? Pelco recommends using the System and Device classes in the SDK Object Model instead of the SystemManagerWrapper component. The components will eventually be deprecated in favor of the Object Model, as described in the Pelco SDK Migration Guide.