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Unable to Export Video - Clip not found

Hi All,

Recently I am having issue with exporting video using the sample program. For unknown reasons, any attempts on exporting any videos will result in exception -clip not found, even though we have checked using the Endura WS5000 application that there is a clip available in the NSM . It was working perfectly well before this happened and I was told that there was no changes done on the system. Is there any advice that can be given on how to approach this problem?

PS: I tried to use RTSP to stream playback from the NSM and it failed as well even though there was no issue beforehand. (I realized that this is a Export Video thread, but this information may hopefully be useful)

Thanks and Best Regards

Thanks for your post! I'm sorry to hear that you are having some problems to troubleshoot.

I think the key point in your post is "unknown reasons" - we need to work on finding the root cause. Since you stated you're working in an Endura environment - I presume that you are using Pelco SDK to export. Is that correct? If that is the case, there is logging available by using the Pelco SDK Logging Executable. This tool is included with Pelco SDK install. It is not included with a Pelco SDK Redistributable. You can use that tool to generate PelcoSDK.log and MPF.log files to help identify any problems or errors.

Another troubleshooting tool that you can use is Wireshark. You can monitor network traffic from the client, the requests for the video, and the return traffic replies from the VMS. Follow the TCP stream to see what the recorder is responding with for the requests to Export.

The fact that RTSP to stream playback is not working even though there was no issue before is also VERY suspect. I'm sorry to say that I rarely trust when I hear that "everything was working before" and that "nothing changed", and now all of the sudden there are issues. Even if only something as simple as time passing resulting can result in a difference in recording, storage capacity, or schedule (to name a few) ... something is different or changed from before. Our trick is trying to determine what it is.

Do exports successfully work OK when using Endura Workstation? You mentioned that the clip is available, but it wasn't 100% clear to me if the export itself was successful. The reason I ask is because verifying that playback exists is one thing, and verifying that exports work is another thing too.

If you need additional help on troubleshooting this problem, please let me know the answers to my questions here and as much additional information that you can provide. If you are not using Pelco API or Pelco SDK at all - then please reach out to Pelco Product Support for further help.