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Uni-stream mode

features under uni-stream mode

Optera camera is set to uni-stream mode. Then all of features can be obtained or not using ImExTk? Especially the set_angle and set_zoom. What special steps I should pay attention to?

Hi there -

Sure, the Panomersive Toolkit should work just fine with cameras in unistream mode. We do not have any reports from partners about features not working with unistream compatibility mode.

It is important to understand that the Panomersive toolkit is a set of tools designed using available tools in the market today - the toolkit is NOT required to use in order to stream from optera and dewarp video. It can make your life easier if you don't know how to do this yourself already. If a problem with the toolkit is encountered, we will try to correct it. However, it is worth me stating this because what the toolkit does is not unique to what could be developed independently today.

Regarding your final points: I'm not aware of any 'special steps' that you need to perform (other than setting the Optera to unistream compatibility mode in the Web GUI) to use the toolkit with an Optera in Unistream. The forums are for use on specific issues and addressing those issues to try and provide helpful direction - please see the Forum Guidelines. If you encounter an issue using the Panomersive Toolkit, please first visit the documentation pages for the toolkit, then let us know of the specific issue so we can help to direct you from there.