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Unicast / Multicast doubs


I am having problems to reproduce the RTSP strings obtained through the function of VideoXpert SDK IVxDataSource -> GetRtspEndpoint.

In VideoXpert Professional, when changing the options in Video Recorder> From Unicast to Multicast. I stop receiving RTSP flow. In unicast it works. But in multicast no.

In the same way in the Enterprise version I have never been able to get to repudiate video of any RTSP chain. The RTSP redirect does not even work and it is returning the following error.

RTSP / 1.0 461 Unsupported transport 
Content-Type: application / text 
content-length: 104 
CSeq: 7 
Server: / 
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:44:25 GMT SETUP
 request has unexpected transport type in header. Expecting [UDP _MULTICAST], but got [UDP_UNICAST]

Is there a figure or diagram that shows how VideoXpert Professional and Enterprise works to transmit or retransmit the video in RTSP format?

Is the unicast / multicast configuration of the camera independent, so that VideoXpert is able to retransmit in unicast / multicast?

Hello there, thank you for your post.

I can help you out on the pieces of your question as they pertain to the VideoXpert SDK specifically -- but it sounds like you may want to reach out to our Product Support teams instead. Does Ops Center stream properly when you set the System to Stream in Multicast? It sounds a lot like there may be a deeper set up issue involved. If you cannot get streams in the VideoXpert environment (not including the SDK), then that needs to be figured out first. Perhaps it is an issue with the VX's setup or configuration, or a network related problem between cameras, or gateway, or client.

I'm sorry that my help is a narrow focus on the SDK itself -- but that's all that we can really help with on the forums here. If you're having a larger issue with your VideoXpert system and it's functionality, you will need to reach out to Pelco Product Support:

Questions that I would look for feedback on -- IF VideoXpert is streaming properly -- relate to the SDK: what interfaces are returned when you make the call to retrieve them from your VX system? When using the samples (C#), clicking a camera and clicking play shows a list of potential interfaces -- what interfaces are returned when you make the request using the VX SDK? You can also use the vxsdk logging to attempt to see what calls are being made as well; set it to TRACE and look in ProgramData\Pelco\vxsdk for the logs (unless you've changed the logging path). Perhaps reviewing the logs will gain some insight as to where the problem may be.