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Use External Library ( CefSharp ) On OpsCenter Plugin

We need use CefSharp library on our OpsCenter plugin. But when launch the plugin in OpsCenter; plugin can not running and I see the 'could not load file or assembly" error at plugin logs.
When I launch the plugin with exe at OpsCenter plugin location; not same.

I set 'copy local = true' for CefSharp libraries.

What should I do?

I try this solution; but not solved.

public MainWindow()
// Build the path to GStreamer based on the current system settings.
var currentPath = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(AppContext.BaseDirectory);
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", currentPath?.FullName + "\\bin");

Hi Mucahitmustafa,

Please see the forum comment here which explains how better to debug plugins when running in Ops Center. We have created a plugin before which utilized cefsharp although ran into app domain issues and thus had to use the AppHost project from RedGate to run the browser in another process, you may want to look into doing the same if you run into similar issues.