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Using PelcoMediaControl on a Scada System

We are trying to insert a PelcoMediaControl as an object in a Scada system as per attached print.
We want to show live video from a DS system but connecting directly to the cameras, not NVR
Is that possible using just the 2 properties shown on the object? (we did not find any other property to edit)
In positive case what is the right sintaxe we should use for CurrentStream and SystemColletion?

I'll move this topic to the Pelco SDK streaming forum.

When using the Pelco SDK with a Digital Sentry, the DS Pelco API service and DS FrameServer services must be installed and running properly on the Digital Sentry.

There is a MediaControlSample included in the Sample directory when you download Pelco SDK. Please utilize this and test using it. Feel free to use Pelco SDK logging to determine where a streaming error might be (be sure to check the MPF.log as well).

Use the DS's IP address and the UUID of the camera device on the Digital Sentry. This UUID can be tricky to find the correct value. The sample should demonstrate the proper syntax.