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Using VxSdk on OpsCenter Plugin - Problems

We are developing a OpsCenter plugin for face recognition integration from archived videos.

We have some questions about using Video Xpert SDK in OpsCenter Plugin.Can you help us please?

  1. We using VxSdk on OpsCenterPlugin. When I run plugin on the machine where VMS is installed; it closes without showing any error. It doesn't matter when we run it on different machines.
  2. We creating export and we need use the exported video on our services. Exports creates on the machine where VMS is installed. But our services running on different machines. Can we access the export files from another machine on network? Or can we download the export videos to another machine; on backend?

Hi Ismet,

  1. I would recommend using the debugging techniques described here. If this doesn't help then we will require more information to go on I would recommend enabling verbose logging on the VxSdk.
  2. Initiating an export of VideoXpert video, then downloading locally can all be done programmatically.
    1. Call Login on the VxSystem object to ensure you're logged in.
    2. Create a new export and ensure it succeeds successfully by using code similar to this sample code.
    3. The Export object returned from the CreateExport method has a DataUri property which is a path to download the export zip file. Note you'll need to pass HTTP headers to authenticate and be able to download the export zip file, so you'll want to use code similar to this sample code to be able to successfully download the zip of the export.
    4. Next you'll need to write code to unzip the zip file.
    5. Next you'll need to write code to locate the mkv file.
    6. That's it! Now you have the exported video as a mkv file for processing upstream.