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Video Searching

Hi I am using Pelco SDK(PelcoSDK-4.2.1-15974.vc10) , Digital Sentry v7.12.156.10692 and DS Pelco API Bundle v7.12.

How can I build a simple time-based search application?

Any reference?

Please advice.


Hello there!

Thank you for posting on the forums. Please start with the sample code that is available with the Pelco SDK Download. Beyond that, you will need to determine the proper planning and construction of an application with the tools that we provide.

I should also mention that both the Pelco SDK and DS Pelco API tools are no longer under active development. This means that they are largely provided 'as is' and we do not plan on doing more development work to modify or update them in favor of work on VideoXpert tools and systems.

As a final note, if you have more specific questions, please review the Forum Guidelines.

Hi I would like to build a searching feature similar with DS Control Point.(Search Icon -> Search[A simple time-based search]).

When I set a range of timeline for searching, it should able to retrieve a list of recorded video within the timeline.

I had gone through the sample code and Pelco SDK 4.2.1 Programming guide but I cannot found any relevant information for searching video record.

Please advice.


I see, thank you for the clarification.

You're correct in that the samples do not demonstrate how to do this behavior, it is, programmatically, a rather complicated use case and not for the faint of heart. The Pelco SDK does not provide a wrapper to the Pelco API that would perform this functionality for you.

In fact, based on past experience, doing this manually via requests to DS Pelco API services running on the DS will also not establish the correct time line. The problem is that the VideoOutput service running for the recorder on prot 60002 responds to the "Query" request with all cameras and time periods -- it's not correct based on what I've seen.

With Endura and Pelco API, the typical process is to perform this Query to the recorder and then parse the results to build the recording table - which cameras have recordings at which time. You should also attempt to do this same Query to DS Pelco API and compare the resulting recording clips and camera UDN / UUID values to establish the same blocks where recording is present or not present. Again, based on previous experience with another partner, this data from the DS was not accurate at the time. You should check for yourself to see what you find out.

As I mentioned in the other post, it is unfortunate that DS Pelco API service and the Pelco SDK are both no longer under active development. They are available these days "as is" in favor of new tools for interacting with VideoXpert VMS. The new tools do not perform streaming but instead handle things like streaming and exporting differently with VideoXpert. I know that doesn't help with DS, but it does inform that we've changed how we do things for the better with the newer VMS.

If you want to see a change or update in behavior to the DS Pelco API my best suggestion is to contact Pelco Product Support and report any issues or challenges that you have using that service so that they can inform engineering of the problem.