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Video Xpert recorded streams and exports

I have noticed that today (10th April 2017) it has not been possible to start any recorded streams or retrieve any exports from the PIL Video Xpert server. In checking the Recording tab on the server's Admin Portal I observed that 18 of the 19 cameras have a red "X" over their Icon. Does the license need to be updated on the PIL Video Xpert?

Hi Mark -

I noticed the same just this morning. I've restart the VX Core service on our Core PC. I have a feeling that either (A) we have too many partners trying to connect to the lab - an error in the logs indicated running out of sockets, or (B) someone is testing something that results in the Core being put into a bad state. I've had to restart the core a few times this last week.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be up and running now.