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VideoXpert Connection Error

I am using the Pelco SDK 4.0.2 and I need to connect to a VideoXpert system. The code I'm using is mostly same as the MediaControlSample from the sample codes that comes with Pelco SDK except the system variables. When I try the to connect to the system manager and error pops up saying "invalid credentials", but the username and password are same as that I'm using in the VideoXpert Admin Portal and OPS Center and they connect just fine.
Visual Studio give this exception in the console with the error pop-up;
2017-07-27T10:59:08 [INFO] 7524/19916 ExternalSystemProviderCollection.cpp, 140: Loading provider C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\API\Libs\Release\Providers\PelcoAgg.dll
Exception thrown: 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' in MediaControlSample.exe
2017-07-27T10:59:10 [INFO] 7524/19916 SystemCache.cpp, 250: Creating provider PelcoSystem:
Exception thrown: 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' in MediaControlSample.exe
2017-07-27T10:59:14 [ERROR] 7524/19916 SerenityProviderCommon.cpp, 89: Initialize Serenity Provider failed: XSDK::XException thrown from [:0]: "Failed to determine server version"

Thank you for your post!

What is very likely happening is a problem between SDK version and VideoXpert version. What version of VX are you running that you are attempting to connect to using Pelco SDK 4.0.2? If it is more recent versions of VideoXpert with an older version of Pelco SDK, this is not a surprising error to see. We had to update Pelco SDK to keep up with changes and updates to the VX spec when updates to Pelco SDK were occurring -- it is worth nothing that we are not updating Pelco SDK any longer.

Also, if possible, I would strongly encourage and recommend updating to the more recent versions of Pelco SDK, since much of the last updates that we did primarily had to do with functionality using Pelco SDK with VideoXpert. Pelco SDK 4.0.2 shows released in May 2015, which is quite some time ago now.

Additionally, I would *very* strongly encourage exploring the use of the VideoXpert SDK instead of the Pelco SDK if you are currently writing code and developing a solution with VideoXpert. You'll have much better success with VX using the VX SDK, and the VX SDK is the SDK that we plan to continue developing going forward with that product line. The Pelco SDK is (as I mentioned previously) no longer under active development and no further updates are planned.