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VideoXpert SDK 2.0 for Linux

VideoXpert SDK 2.0 (Linux)


We have stated on our VX SDK download page that we have the VX SDK available for Linux as well, but a download link is missing.

Please advise how can I download the VX SDK for linux? Documentation/Samples/Installation instructions for the Linux SDK will be welcome as well.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!

The link isn't missing, but for now it is specifically something that we ask that you email us to get.

Please review this page: VideoXpert SDK Related Downloads. Currently, on that page is a note with a link to send an email to partner first to request the information for Linux.

Hi Team,

Please fill yourself contacted and send me all information related to VX SDK for Linux.

Thank you in advance!

Please email the address listed on PDN. The request does not go to my team.