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VX ASCII Integration

Step-by-Step to Use the VX ASCII

Hi, can you please provide step-by-step to implement the VX ASCII? I followed the product manual but it doesn't work.

Thank you.

Hello there, thanks for your post.

The service is fairly simple to install and setup ... the basic steps are install, configure the XML files, then start the service.

If you are having a more specific problem then we can work on that if you're able to identify what it is. Unfortunately your question is a little too general, and we'd prefer to answer specific questions on specific issues (please see our forum guidelines) on the forums here so that future users know what to do in specific situations.

Another route I would suggest is to reach out to the NA TSE team. I believe that they have worked with this before and may be able to assist. As always Pelco Product Support is another good avenue to reach out to. The PDF does indicate (near the end):

If the instructions provided fail to solve your problem, contact Pelco Product Support at 1-800-289-9100 (USA and Canada) or +1-559-292-1981 (international) for assistance.

They, in turn, can assist with some of the answers if need be and get into more direct support via email if necessary. We'll certainly help out here if we can get a bit more specific about what the problem is that you are encountering.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your kind response. Here's the photo of error I've encountered:

I have followed the steps but still not able to get it setup.

By the way I have the teamviewer setup could you please take a quick check at my system? If that's possible can you please drop me an email and I will email you the remote session details.

Thank you.

Interesting. Thanks for the added details and screenshot link.

There are a few possibilities... it could be an XML error in the file that the service can't read, or it might be something else that the service is having a problem with that file. I've spoken to one of our engineers and he said he'd reach out to your email address.

Thank you Chris for the routing, hope you have some good rest over J4 holidays.

I will continue my conversation with the designated contact person.