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VxOpsCenter Overlay Plugin not rendering on complete view

VxOpsCenter Overlay Plugin not rendering on complete view

The sample is written in WPF which appears within the VxOpsCenter Overlay Plugins. The screenshot of the plugin under development is Attached.As you can see that the sample plugin is not rendering in complete view. Please help.

Admin Edit: added link for screenshot:

Hello there, thank you for your post. I edited your post to display the attachment (please see Post Attachments). After uploading your attachment, you have to then use the options to insert an image or link and use the uploaded link below the text field. It's a little goofy.

Unfortunately I'm not able to provide much assistance when it comes to the development of Plugins for Ops Center. Our main focus for support is VideoXpert SDK these days. I will try to make suggestions in an effort to help provide some sort of direction:

First, I'd suggest that you review logs for Ops Center to examine and see if you can find any reason for the lack of anything being displayed in the video cell overlay. You can find logs in the following locations:



Additionally, if you haven't yet, you may want to reach out to Pelco Sales, Marketing, or Support to inform them of your project. If you need more detailed support than I'm able to provide to you on the forums here (specific to Plugin development), reporting your project may be the best and only way to get additional help for your project if you continue to encounter problems that you need help with.