Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Where should I start on PDN?

The Pelco Developer Network (PDN) site provides documentation, tools, and sample code for developers working on integration projects that include Pelco equipment.

Do you prefer working directly with web services? Check out the Pelco API.

The Pelco SDK provides an object-oriented wrapper around much of the Pelco API.

Test your project using our remotely-accessible lab.

Downloads provides a number of tools and examples that can help you get started and speed up your progress.

Featured Articles are in-depth explorations of various topics.

And of course, feel free to browse the forums.

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Video Expert SDK or Pelco SDK?

-browsing your site I seemed to understand that you are decommissioning the Endura system that was integrated via webservcies with the VideoXpert system that can only be integrated using NET. Did I get it right?
-If I develop using VoideoXpert SDK, can I integrate Endura system?

Hello there, thank you for your post!

You are correct - any new development effort should focus entirely on VideoXpert and use the VX SDK. Pelco is currently still supporting sites that have Endura, but from an integration point of view we do not encourage writing any solutions with our older Endura platform.

If you absolutely must develop against an Endura VMS, you must use Pelco SDK or Pelco API web services. The SDK is a wrapper for use SOAP requests to Pelco API services on Endura devices. I would discourage this because any tools are only available 'as-is' with no planned updates or further development, and support will be extremely limited for any solution that is working on new Endura development.

You are correct that VideoXpert SDK will not be compatible with Endura. The Pelco SDK is compatible with very old versions of VideoXpert only, and that compatibility did break prior to VX 2.X versions.

If you want a solution that is compatible with both Endura and VideoXpert, then you must use Pelco SDK for the Endura VMS, and I would suggest using the VideoXpert SDK for VideoXpert systems -- maintaining 2 separate development efforts and drivers.