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Pelco SDK

Pelco SDK is no longer under active development. The information provided here remains as a resource for past development efforts. Any code supplied here is provided "as-is" with no support and only for demonstration purposes. New development projects should use VX SDK for the VideoXpert VMS platform, or ONVIF for Pelco cameras.


The Pelco Software Development Kit (Pelco SDK) toolset was intended to help our development partners write applications for controlling Pelco products (Pre-VideoXpert). The Pelco SDK handled communication to various Pelco devices and older Video Management Systems. 

Specifically, your application would request information from a device (for example, a camera name). The request is passed on to the Pelco SDK and the Pelco SDK makes the call to the Pelco API service that resides on the Pelco device. The Pelco SDK would then return the result back to your application. The Pelco SDK was essentially a wrapper to make calls to the Pelco API services in this manner.

Pelco SDK simplifies application development by providing fully-functioning building blocks that you can include in your Pelco applications. Your applications can:

  • Display live and recorded video
  • Discover the devices and services on your network
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) a camera
  • Export video and save in PEF, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MOV, or PPX format
  • Handle events and alarms
  • Receive raw video frame data
  • Manage systems

It is currently available for Windows, and supports: C++, C#, and .NET.

Pelco SDK does not support third-party cameras with VideoXpert. Use the VideoXpert SDK to integrate non-Pelco cameras with VideoXpert.



To learn more about the Pelco SDK requirements and usage, refer to:

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